Corporate Finance

Joseph Sassoon Group provides corporate finance advisory & lending services to family-owned businesses, midsize companies, entrepreneurs and startups for all their capital and financing operations, at all stages of their development.

Maximizing Your Business Potential

As trusted partners, our teams of seasoned professionals support you throughout your transactions in order to maximize your business potential, in tune with your strategic objectives.

Providing corporate advisory services is an important historical activity for the Joseph Sassoon Group. Developing close relationships on strategic issues, we have cultivated a tradition as a family-owned and discreet advisory firm. We provide solutions to address strategic challenges encountered by entrepreneurs, companies, and their shareholders.


Our independence is a guarantee of the alignment of our interests with those of our clients. Defending the interests of our clients is at the heart of our mission, whether in order to realize assets or to seize opportunities for long-term growth.


We have developed and refined a complete advisory offering to assist our clients across all situations. We design strategic and financial solutions based on financial engineering and financial architecture in response to the specific requirements of each client, in line with their short and long-term objectives and in the context of the particular aspects of each transaction.


We offer a comprehensive service throughout each transaction in the framework of a close relationship with our clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a family-owned enterprise, an institutional investor or a large corporation, a senior member of our management team will be at your side from beginning to end of the mission.


We offer our clients a complete range of services. Whether it be specialist industry expertise, access to international partners, advice on debt restructuring or trade finance, our experts will be there to address your requirements. If necessary, we can call upon the wealth management expertise of our external partners to take into account inheritance, legal and tax issues in relation to these transactions.

Direct finance of up to $250 million for tenors as long as 15 years, with specific programs targeting small and medium businesses.

Uncompromising Standards

The highest level of standards and professionalism.

Our teams are dedicated to your business’s goals and growth, our senior bankers are actively engaged every step of the way, in ensuring flawless execution at the most favorable terms beneficial to our clients, tailoring each aspect of the process to your specific needs.


We insist on quality, not quantity.

We believe that it is our responsibility to advise our clients, first and foremost, on the feasibility of their business in order to maximize their chances of success. This strategy of rigorous selection is reflected in the successful longevity of our business.

A Multi-specialist Team of Experts

At Joseph Sassoon, our teams are experienced specialists with advanced technical skills and in-depth knowledge of specific sectors.

Our sector expertise allows us to master your specific ecosystem’s challenges rapidly and accurately, at each step of the transaction.

Unparalleled Advice

Integrated advice that ensures the global consistency of our clients’ investment management over the long term.

​We work closely with our private bankers and our financial engineers to provide you with access to the full range of our Group’s expertise in financial management and financial engineering.

Joseph Sassoon Group has strong and recognized expertise in sectors including technology and digital, real estate, hospitality and tourism, transportation and logistics, communication, mining as well as renewable and alternative energy.

We leverage our deep understanding of these industries to identify precisely the issues specific to your market and sector, and tailor the financing processes for your operations accordingly.

Hospitality/ Tourism

We have strong expertise covering all fields of the hospitality sector (hotels, resorts, theme parks, corporate events and conferences, entertainment, and travel etc.).

Our team has advised on a large number of transactions in those sectors, thus developing deep insights into the economic and structural trends underway, key players and consolidation opportunities.

Tech/ Digital

Joseph Sassoon’s teams of professionals are specialists in the digital, software development, fintech, cyber security and AI sectors.

We are able to call on our in-depth knowledge of the market and its key players to advise companies and their managers, especially regarding their fundraising and capital restructuring operations.

Real Estate

As an active investor in the real estate sector, we draw on a track record and in-depth understanding of the various types of underlying assets to assist our clients in their capital raising and restructuring operations, strategic evaluation and diversification efforts.

We capitalize on Joseph Sassoon Group’s real estate asset management expertise as well as on its private bank network which is our most valuable source of attractive opportunities and potential buyers.