Family Office

Our dedicated Global Family Office (‘GFO’) Group serves the needs of family offices, family foundations, high-net-worth individuals, and private trust companies around the world.

Our Capabilities

The breadth of capabilities offered by the Joseph Sassoon Group, its global resources and cutting-edge technology differentiate our services, which include advice-driven investment management, banking, asset management and administration solutions.

We provide expert advice to both local and international clients, including families and executives that work for industrial and commercial groups. We help them structure and plan their assets, secure private financing and manage their assets. We also give them the opportunity to invest in a range of U.S, EU, Asian and Israel-based mutual funds.

Joseph Sassoon’s Global Family Office (‘GFO’) Group Services:

  • Advice & Planning
  • Trust Formation and Services
  • Real Estate & Asset Management
  • Business Planning
  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Private Banking Services
  • Insurance
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • GFO Concierge Services
  • Foundation and Philanthropy
  • Security Management
  • Business Intelligence

Our financial engineering teams advise you on the best solutions to meet your specific needs in terms of wealth and business structuring, development, protection and continuity.

We take a global holistic approach to your assets that integrates your expectations, your objectives, your vision and the values you wish to pass on to future generations.

Understanding Your Family’s History

As a generational family enterprise, we understand the various challenges facing multi-generational wealth, family-owned businesses, the demands on future heirs and the expectations by those entrusting their legacy to the next generation. Your wealth encompasses a number of family, personal and professional issues, which evolve over time.

All of these aspects must be taken into consideration with a global and long-term view to ensure overall consistency in the preservation, development and transmission of your assets.

​​Wisdom Required in The Wealth Planning Strategy

Our financial architects carry out a 360° topographical view of your wealth that takes into account both your personal and professional circumstances. We design with you the strategy that best meets your needs and those of future generations.

Selecting Joseph Sassoon Group provides your family office with experienced financial architects working in close synchronization with the various teams in our Group including our financial engineers, together they engage alongside your personal existing advisors, to help you anticipate your life’s main challenges. Critically, the objective is to create a financial artistic canvas that gives you the full picture, along with the blueprint that will help guide you and us in building your structural asset portfolio.

We take into consideration all of the financial, tax and legal issues pertaining to your specific circumstances and your country of residence. No two structures are the same, we recognize that each business and every family is unique.

We always recognize and respect cultural, geographical, family dynamics and even religious (or non-religious) aspects that you might wish to preserve and ensure are continued by future generations.

Whether it be supporting the changes in your family’s situation, preparing your retirement, educating the future generations or organizing your succession – we help you anticipate and plan all the major events in your life.

A Lifetime Partnership

Like with any partnership, we endeavor to be a steady hand and a constant to see you through all the major events of your life.

Right from our very first encounter, we set our focus on the future to ensure that the decisions you make today are the right ones for tomorrow. We ensure our solutions remain consistent over time and we monitor their implementation through regular follow-ups.

Cooperation With Your Advisors​

At Joseph Sassoon Group, we believe that teamwork and synergies are a critical key to success. Our aim is to work seamlessly with your existing team of advisors. Moreover, our global network of external experts in many fields and jurisdictions are available to address any requests depending on your needs.

Unfettered Access To All Of Our Experts

We leverage an extensive in-house U.S. and EU network to provide you with the specific combination of expertise that best suits your needs.

Your dedicated investment manager works alongside your banker to provide you with full access to our various experts in asset management, wealth management, investment solutions, real est​ate, private equity, etc.

A Global Support Network

Our team covers the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the MENA region, thanks to a network of professional experts.

Our team is committed to the highest standard in terms of international regulations, they are able to handle most complex tax and legal issues.