Innovators of Tomorrow

At Joseph Sassoon Group, we believe that building a business is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to influence the world of tomorrow. And to make it better.

We believe that investment should be a force for good. That it should make it possible to turn principles into reality. Yours, and ours as partners.

To this extent, we have adopted the Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam (rectifying the world). In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world brings it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. Tikkun Olam implies that while the world is innately good, its Creator purposely left room for us to improve upon His work and sanctify creation through our choices and actions.

All human activities are opportunities to fulfill this mission, and every human being can be involved in Tikkun Olam—child or adult, student or entrepreneur, industrialist or artist, caregiver or salesperson, political activist or environmentalist.

In keeping with this ancient wisdom, at Joseph Sassoon we only engage in business that brings an added value to our communities and the world at large, whether it is financing a water desalination plant in Africa to improve irrigation for land or provide clean water to communities, or by investing in a technology based business that empowers minority or isolated communities, or ultimately investing in an entrepreneur who developed a service that lifts up their community and enables further future entrepreneurs to launch their own startups.

At Joseph Sassoon we keep a constant lookout towards the future, and what today’s investment means for our collective tomorrow.

The Three Pillars ​of Our Vision

It takes KNOWLEDGE to build a business

It takes UNDERSTANDING to grow a successful business

It takes WISDOM to manage and keep a great business

Our Commitment To Tomorrow

All our activities evolve and enrich each other through our shared purpose of generating value.

Hence: Joseph Sassoon Group has a committed vision of performance, focused on long-term outlook. Our endeavors embrace an entrepreneurial approach. At the cutting edge of technology, Joseph Sassoon invests in R&D, making its passion for entrepreneurship and economic development a true example of innovation.


STAR (Sassoon Technological Advance Research) Center aims to operate as a testing ground for pioneering and innovative ideas, research and technology that enhances the quality of life and our environment. STAR funds advances in medical, biotech and scientific research through grants, based on a holistic approach to the healing process through rejuvenation of the three pillars of the human core: body, mind, and soul.


We seek to develop a lasting harmonious positive impact. With emphasis on incorporating ancient Jewish wisdom adorned with the enrichment of Jewish philosophy and teachings, the foundation endeavors to promote the teaching of Torah, by incorporating the ancient knowledge and understanding in all of its philanthropic programs.

With a focus on socioeconomic, intellectual, academic, environmental and political disparities and challenges, we are committed to deploying the skills, expertise and knowledge of our teams with support from our partners.

The House of Sassoon Family Foundation aims to address these problems through active engagement empowered by Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge.