Private Equity

Private Equity is more than just a business. It’s how we bring our principles to life. Private Equity is part of an entrepreneurial approach to finance and long-term investment perspective. The strategies that make us unique are designed to have a positive and cohesive economic impact alongside excellent governance.

Strong and Unique Planning

  • Combining industrial and financial expertise to co-develop innovative and value-creating strategies.
  • Supporting and assisting entrepreneurs in implementing and expanding their projects.
  • Collaborating with experienced, rigorously- selected investment teams and partners.

Our Approach

Our strong foundation allows us to adopt a proactive approach in identifying the investment themes needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow, build dedicated management teams and set up the right investment vehicles.

Based on long-term partnerships with independent and specialized investment teams, our model creates the best conditions for aligning the interests of the Group, the investment teams and investors, thereby guaranteeing trust for the latter.

A Collaborative Approach

At Joseph Sassoon Group, we answer to a higher power, hence our strategies incorporate extra-financial considerations and rely on strict standards. Our investment teams work together closely to produce risk analysis and management tools and implement best practices to assist the companies they support to transition into ever more exemplary business models.

Growth Capital

Supporting entrepreneurs in their growth through long-term financing and strategic and operational support.

  • Collaborative early to-mid-market-investment;
  • Investments in fund of funds;
  • Investments in challenger companies;
  • Technology;
  • Business transmission.

Emerging Markets

Promoting equitable growth in emerging economies. Creating regional leaders by sharing expertise and best governance practices.

Real Estate

Joseph Sassoon Group’s private equity team works collaboratively in partnership with our asset management group to actively invest in commercial real estate, where the Group invests in leading real estate platforms. We are constantly developing partnerships with notable companies that bring value-added performance with a primary focus on commercial and office spaces, hospitality, logistics, industrial, entertainment and recreational assets.

Real estate investments form 20% of our private equity assets, as such we take a partnership approach to real estate investing – both at the asset level as well as at the platform/entity-level. This approach allows us to create significant enterprise value beyond the underlying value of the assets.

The Group’s real estate investments span all major categories, with a particular emphasis on “new economy” verticals. We have an established track record across commercial, hospitality, industrial, logistics, data centers and other niche real estate sectors including parking and self-storage. Our investment experience is across the value chain, and in partnership with leading real estate owners, developers, operators, and asset managers.