Raising Capital

Joseph Sassoon Group offers tailor made advice to entrepreneurs in the development of their company by taking charge of the totality of their fund-raising operation, from the identification and assessment of their needs, the preparation of relevant documentation, to the identification and selection of potential investors, and the negotiation of final terms.

Reaching Alternative Investors

Drawing on our in-depth understanding of potential counterparties, we advise you on your choice of partner. We leverage our investor network and fund platform to give you access to discreet and hard-to reach alternative investors who are seeking to invest in attractive projects.​

We accompany our clients through all the fund-raising process, from the preparation and the review of the business plan, developing a financial model, and developing effective messaging based on tested marketing and NLP tools, to exploring public offerings and reverse merger options.

Joseph Sassoon Group’s capital raising offers fund-raising services in a variety of transactions, including:
  • First and Second Round Funding
  • Initial Offering and Syndication
  • R&D and Prototype Funding
  • M&A
  • Growth Financing
  • Recapitalizations
  • Refinancing
  • Temporary & Bridge Financing
We work with our clients throughout the entire process:
  • Understand and provide impartial feedback on their concept/vision
  • Build the financial basis, model and forecasts
  • Identify the venture’s valuation – this forms the basis for equity given to new investors
  • Assess whether equity, debt or convertible notes are the best opportunity
  • Outline the best use of funds and capital raising stages
  • Create the pitch deck for investor discussions
  • Help with pitches and investor discussions

Working Directly With You!

Joseph Sassoon Group works directly with our clients to understand their company’s ambitions and determines how best to fulfill them. With our broad array of financing solutions, we’ll help take your business to the next level.

We work directly with our Mergers and Acquisition and Concierge Business Services teams to position your business in the market to attract capital and partners at the lowest cost while adding strategic value to your business.

Joseph Sassoon Group raises capital, primarily from institutional investors in North America, the EU and Israel to finance internal growth, project development, acquisitions and management buy-outs, including debt refinancing and shareholder liquidity.

What sets us apart from others is direct access to capital providers through our extensive network in the industry and through our Concierge Business Services. These organizations are known to have industry and structure focus, the appropriate risk-tolerance profile, and to have expectations and cultural knowledge that match those of our clients.

In addition, Joseph Sassoon Group works closely with multilateral credit guarantee agencies and other multinational credit insurance providers to financially engineer the most cost-effective financing solution. This enables us to reduce risk, raise project value and attract the lowest capital cost for our clients. Our close relationships with institutional investors, private equity funds and family offices enable us to make the right selection for potential investors to entrepreneurs.

We offer simple access to capital raising for qualified startups, entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses through our financial architectural platform.

Convertible Notes

At Joseph Sassoon Group we specialize in convertible note issues for startups and venture capital. Convertible notes are a debt/equity hybrid form of raising capital with an interest component and a conversion into equity model at a predefined value or point in time.

Benefits of Convertible Notes

Convertible Notes offer fast and easy capital raisings with lower due diligence requirements and contractual paperwork. They also allow entrepreneurs to retain greater equity while providing upside potential for investors.


These are Simple Agreements for Future Equity and are similar to Convertible Notes, however they are not treated as debt and have no interest coupons attached. SAFEs effectively favor the founders of the business as they provide less stress since they don’t require repayment with interest.