Trade Finance

The benefits of Joseph Sassoon’s Supply Chain Finance solution will help you to thrive.

The Forefront of International Trade

Since the 10th century ancestors of the Sassoon family have been at the forefront of international trade and trade finance, with a global footprint and presence in major trading hubs. From our global headquarters in New York, Joseph Sassoon Group is an international trade finance company that is composed of experts around the world who understand international trade and cash flow management to sustain and grow businesses. We provide liquidity for enterprises in developed, emerging, and frontier markets trading internationally.

Our corporate ancestry started in the mercantile industry in 1512, trading in textile, spices, silk, and precious metals between Turkey, India, China, North Africa, the Gulf, Persia and Europe.

Today we are based in the U.S., and are considered one of the world’s oldest merchant banking firms. We service a variety of industries including food & beverage, electronics, automotive, oil & gas, chemical and consumer goods, among others.

Driving Global Trade

As one of the leading international trade finance companies, we made it our mission to continuously expand globally. We are currently working on opening more locations in addition to those that we already have in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Joseph Sassoon Group provides liquidity for international small- and middle-market enterprises, we transact across all continents and provide tailored working capital solutions to drive global trade. At Joseph Sassoon our teams together with our vast network of professionals and experts are able to provide turn key trade finance solutions to our clients.

From commodities and services outsourcing, identifying strategic partners and networking services for both sellers and buyers, to consulting services, capital raising and securitization, we have the skills and the technical know-how.

Joseph Sassoon Group provides Supply Chain Finance, also known as Reverse Factoring, which is a type of supplier finance that provides funding in a way that benefits everyone. A third-party funder pays your suppliers early, giving them critical liquidity. You then pay the funder in line with your payment terms, preserving your cash.

Reverse factoring is a type of supplier finance solution that companies can use to offer early payments to their suppliers based on pre-approved invoices. Suppliers participating in a reverse factoring program can request early payment on invoices from our Trade Finance Group, with the buyer sending payment to Joseph Sassoon on the invoice maturity date. By giving suppliers access to reverse factoring, buyers can reduce the risk of disruption in their supply chains and strengthen their supplier relationships, while also improving their own working capital position.

Our Trade Finance specialists provide the full suite of credit solutions that exporters and importers require to conduct international trade. To help clients mitigate risks tied to trade, we underwrite letters of credit and offer trade payables and receivables solutions that enable trading partners to settle trades more quickly.

Credit Protection (non-recourse):

We eliminate all credit risk by acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller, covering the risk of shortfall of payment due to buyer’s insolvency. Joseph Sassoon Trade Finance Team can provide Credit Insurance and other forms of guarantees through the various multilateral guarantee agencies we work with, multinational credit insurance firms and our own credit insurance underwriting platform.

The Group can solve short-term cash flow issues by purchasing our client’s account receivables in exchange for an advance of up to 95% of the total invoice value. We then collect the full amount from the client’s customer upon invoice maturity. Once the invoice is paid in full, we pay our client the remaining balance. With an emphasis on eliminating trade risk, Joseph Sassoon Group offers non-recourse factoring, providing our client with peace of mind in the form of credit protection.

Joseph Sassoon Group Offers Two Types of Trade Finance Solutions:


Specialized in cross-border transactions and with an emphasis on eliminating trade risk, we are able to offer non-recourse international export factoring. This financial tool helps companies accelerate cash flow, improve collections and control exposure to bad debts.


In addition to factoring your export accounts receivable, Joseph Sassoon Group can finance your full supply chain. We use financing and risk mitigation techniques to optimize the management of working capital and liquidity in the supply chain.